Slide-out chassis design.

Air conditioners are heavy. That’s why we’ve designed Kühl with a slide-out chassis. Removing the heavier chassis from its lightweight shell makes installation and maintenance much easier. Securely install the shell, then insert and affix the chassis according to directions. For a list of required tools as well as detailed instructions, please consult the Kühl installation manual (PDF).

Our dealers are there to help.

No time, wrong tools, or awkward installation? If you'd rather not install Kühl yourself, a professional can help. Your local Friedrich dealer may be able to install your new air conditioner for you or recommend a professional who can. For a list of dealers in your area, please consult our dealer locator.

Will Kühl work in your space?

Short answer: Yes!

Slightly longer answer: Kühl air conditioners can provide comfort in almost any space, large or small. You can install Kühl in a window or through the wall, depending on the depth of your wall. Larger capacity Kühl units may fit through walls up to 15 1/8” deep, so consult your salesperson, Kühl Specs, or our sales literature. For customers living in areas that need heat in addition to cooling, our Kühl+ (cooling/heating) models provide heat as well.