Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked installation questions about WallMaster. For additional help, call us at 800-541-6645, or visit a Friedrich dealer or distributor.

When should you install a solid-side sleeve?

Installations through a thicker wall can block traditional room/window air conditioners’ side vents, reducing performance and potentially voiding your warranty. A solid-side sleeve eliminates this problem and gives you the option to install the unit either flush with the outside wall or with a slimmer interior profile.

Can I install WallMaster in a window?

WallMaster can be installed only thru-the-wall. Window kits are not available for this line. To help you decide which installation is best for you, why not review our window models and compare?

Is a thru-the-wall installation quieter than a window installation?

That depends on a number of factors: how it’s installed and the amount of soundproofing and insulation in the room. Units installed in rooms with R22 wall insulation and tightly sealed windows will be quieter than the same unit installed in an garage without insulation soundproofing. Proper window installations can be very quiet, but windows are more susceptible to vibration.

What do you mean by a “Perfect Fit?”

A “perfect fit” means that, once installed, there will not be extra space around the unit, and it will not need a decorative trim ring for a finished look. WallMaster’s 26 ½"-wide design provides a perfect fit for any 27"-wide sleeve, including Fedders A and B Sleeve (with the BAK baffle kit). It makes replacing or upgrading to a more energy-efficient model so easy.

What’s the advantage of Angled Air Discharge?

When WallMaster is installed low on the wall, the air is discharged at an upward angle for superior distribution throughout the room.

Can I use the rear grill from my old air conditioner on a new unit? The louvers run left to right, not up and down.

Probably not. To operate properly, WallMaster must be installed with the correct rear grille. WallMaster’s standard rear grille has vertical louvers. Using the wrong rear grille will cause the discharged air to recirculate, and the compressor overload will trip. In addition to temporarily shutting off the unit, this could lead to premature compressor failure.

Is an Architectural Grille available for WallMaster?

Yes, you can order the Architectural Grille (accessory AG) from your retailer or distributor.

Is a drain kit available?

Yes, we offer two. The Traditional Drain Kit (accessory DK) that installs at the back of the unit allows you to attach to a condensate disposal system. An Internal Drain Kit (accessory IDK) can be used with internal condensate drainage systems in new construction. Both are available from your retailer or distributor.

Is a Sub Base available?

Yes, you can order one from your retailer or distributor. Use a Sub Base when you want to conceal the cord under the unit, when the unit is mounted low in a wall, or if the unit is mounted in a wall less that 6" deep.

Our dealers are there to help.

No time, wrong tools, or awkward installation? If you'd rather not install Kühl yourself, a professional can help. Your local Friedrich dealer may be able to install your new air conditioner for you or recommend a professional who can. For a list of dealers in your area, please consult our dealer locator.