The “Hotel” Air Conditioner With a Range of Home Applications

If you’ve stayed in a hotel, it’s likely that a PTAC unit cooled and heated your room. You probably thought those sleek under-window units were available only for commercial properties. But you can use a PTAC to cool rooms in your home – and in certain situations, its unique size and configuration can be your best choice.

At 42″ across, a PTAC is wider than other room air conditioners, yet it’s much shallower in depth. The unit mounts flush with the exterior wall for a clean, streamlined appearance.

Friedrich’s redesigned PTAC has enhancements you’ll appreciate: It’s quieter, moves air more effectively and has a higher EER. Its modular design makes it easy to service, which can reduce maintenance costs. And it comes with a universal heater/power cord that lets you change the electric heat output simply by changing the cord.

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When is a PTAC your best choice?

Let’s say you’re converting your garage into a game room. You don’t want to install expensive ductwork. Even with insulation and drywall, the walls won’t be very thick. Your current system can’t handle the extra load of cooling an additional room. And your HOA restricts where you can place an outdoor compressor.

A PTAC addresses all these considerations.

It doesn’t require ducts. It’s shallow enough to mount flush with the exterior of your home while taking up less floor space inside. A heat pump model can effectively cool and heat the room without straining your existing system. It’s an all-in-one unit, so outdoor condenser placement isn’t an issue. And it can be a less-expensive option than some other built-in solutions.

PTAC, the slim thru-the-wall air conditioner, is ideal for room additions and conversions, sunrooms, workshops and greenhouses.

Enhanced design and features

Friedrich PTACs deliver impressively quiet performance with expanded comfort settings. Here are just some of the enhanced features:

  • Reduced sound levels: The 2-motor design – one motor inside, one outside – allows the indoor motor to run at slower speeds, which sharply reduces indoor sound levels. Plus, the motors are permanently lubricated for quieter operation and increased durability.
  • More comfort choices: Our 3-speed fan (cooling and heating modes) gives you more options, including a quieter low fan setting.
  • Better air distribution: The new fan (“tangential blower wheel”) has nearly 5 times the surface area of a typical PTAC fan. The new, elongated design moves more air over a wider path, which means faster, more even air distribution and quieter airflow.
  • Energy savings: We have models with EERs up to 12.0.
  • A universal heater/power cord: You can change the heat output simply by changing the standard power cord to a different size. The optional cords connect as easily as a phone jack.

Available in heat pump models or cooling with electric heat

  • 7700 / 15000 Btu
  • Comfort & Dehumidification

    • Quieter operation
    • Intuitive controls
    • Even heat monitoring checks room temperature and automatically adds a heat boost if necessary
    • Separate thermostat settings (limiting) for cooling and heating nodes
    • Samples the room temperature every 9 minutes to monitor and maintain desired temperature
    • “Instant Heat” in heat pump mode quickly heats a room to the desired temperature
    • Dehumidification mode removes up to 3.2 pts per hour
    • Optional constant fan mode for additional comfort options
    • Reversible indoor air louvers for an additional airflow direction option
    • Emergency heat will engage (in heating mode) in the event of a power failure
  • Sound Reduction Technology

    • New 2-motor design allows the indoor motor to run at slower speeds, which reduces indoor sound levels
    • The quiet, efficient compressor is mounted on vibration isolators, which absorb vibration-causing noise
    • Permanently lubricated dual motors reduce noise
    • New elongated fan moves air over a wider area so it’s quieter
    • Fan turns on before the compressor starts to muffle the sound
    • High-density insulation helps keep outdoor noise outside
  • Durability

    • Diamonblue Technology advanced anti-corrosion protection protects the outdoor coil against deterioration and extends unit life, especially in harsh coastal environments
    • Faultless Surehold Front Cover System attaches securely
    • Room Freeze Protection initiates heat if room temperature falls to 40°F in an unoccupied room
    • Random Compressor Restart protects
      electrical systems
    • Stainless Steel endplates on both indoor and outdoor coil
    • Indoor coil frost sensor protects the compressor
    • Durable front panel with break-proof control door and design
    • Permanently lubricated fan motors
    • Tamper-resistant grille
    • Durable, powder coat paint finish
  • Health and IAQ

    • Fresh-air vent
    • Two washable, antimicrobial filters
  • Energy Usage & Management

    • Increase or decrease electric heat output by changing the power cord
    • Set separate heat and cool range limits
    • Desk control ready
    • Energy Management System compatible
    • Electronic defrost control
  • Maintenance and Installation Features

    • Service error code storage
    • May be installed flush with floor
    • Reversible indoor air louvers
    • Improved weather barrier
    • Nationwide Service Network
    • Modular design and pop out wiring modules


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