Universal fit for existing thru-the-wall sleeves

Uni-Fit® makes it easy to replace air conditioners for existing 24.5", 26" or 27 ½" sleeves without complicated, time-consuming retrofits. This small unit is specifically designed to replace virtually any thru-the-wall air conditioner quickly and cost-effectively.

Depending on the existing sleeve’s size, Uni-Fit’s smaller dimensions may require the use of the included trim ring to bridge a small gap between the unit and the existing sleeve. The trim ring will fit gaps up to 1" on the sides and ½" on the top of the unit for a neat, finished appearance. All models include a remote control.

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Energy-efficient operation

Many Uni-Fit cooling-only models are ENERGY STAR® qualified. See our sizing guide and model specifications for details on cooling and/or heating capacity.

Sleeve Dimensions Friedrich USC Sleeve Amana Carrier (51S Series) Fedders/ Emerson/ Friedrich WSD Emerson/ Fedders GE/ Hotpoint Whirlpool White-Westinghouse/ Frigidaire/ Carrier (52F Series)
Height (inches) 15 1/2 15 5/8 16 7/8 16 3/4 15 3/4 15 5/8 16 1/2 15 1/4
Width (inches) 25 7/8 26 25 3/4 27 26 3/4 26 25 7/8 25 1/2
Depth (inches) 16 3/4 16 7/8 18 5/8 16 3/4 or 19 3/4 15 16 7/8 17 1/8 or 23 16, 17 1/2, or 22

Universal-Fit Trim Ring

Uni-Fit's smaller dimensions are designed to fit a range of sleeve sizes. The included Universal-Fit trim ring will bridge a small gap between the unit and the existing sleeve. The trim ring will fill gaps up to 1" on the sides and ½" on the top of the unit, to provide a finished and neat appearance.

Blocked vents can void your<br />

Solid-side sleeves for installations in thicker walls

Covering an air conditioner’s side vents can restrict air flow, diminish performance and potentially void the warranty. Our solid-side sleeve has no side vents and can be installed through walls up to 16 1/4" without compromising performance.

A flush mount provides a clean exterior appearance; for a slimmer interior profile, adjust the positioning of the unit accordingly during installation.

Available in cooling-only and cooling plus electric heat models

  • Cooling from: 8000-13000 Btu
  • Heating: 3850-11200 Btu

Detailed specifications by model

  • Comfort and Convenience

    • Six-way air-flow control
    • Stale-air exhaust
    • Remote control
    • 24-hour programmable timer
    • Three-speed fan
    • Auto restart
    • Washable antimicrobial filter
    • Defrost control
  • Energy Management

    • MoneySaver® setting saves money by conserving energy
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified models
  • Durability & Quality

    • Rotary compressors provide quiet, dependable performance
    • Seacoast protection for corrosion resistance in harsh environments
    • AHAM-certified performance
    • UL and C-UL-US listed
  • Installation Features

    • Uni-Fit chassis is 24" wide for installations from 24.5" to 27"
    • Universal fit trim ring for a neat, installed appearance with larger sleeves
    • USC sleeve designed to fit a standard 26" opening. Sleeve is required for new installations. USC sleeve is sold separately.
    • Optional replacement exterior grille available for use with existing sleeve

    Note: New installations require a USC sleeve, which is sold and shipped separately (see Accessories for details)


Uni-Fit 360 degree