Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked installation questions about ZoneAire. For additional help, call us at 800-541-6645, or visit a Friedrich dealer or distributor.

ZoneAire is portable, so is there really any “installation”?

While ZoneAire doesn’t require traditional installation, there are some important things you need to know before you operate the unit:

  • To operate ZoneAire in air conditioning/cooling mode, it must be vented to the outside through a window or other opening. ZoneAire ships with a window installation kit that fits horizontal and vertical windows up to 46" wide. This is the piece through which you’ll vent the unit’s hoses to the outside.
  • You do not need to vent ZoneAire to the outside to operate it in dehumidification or fan mode.

Do I need a special outlet to run ZoneAire?

No, the unit plugs into a regular 115V outlet.

Is ZoneAire easy to maneuver?

The unit has ergonomic handles and casters built in. You don’t have to lift it; simply roll and guide the unit from room to room.

Is there a continuous-drainage option?

Yes, you can attach a ½" hose to the rear of the unit and run it through a drain for continuous drainage.

Electrical Outlet Information

Plug Face 5-15P

Rating: 115V — 15A

Models: P09B, P12B, PH14B

Plug Face 6-15P

Rating: 230V — 15A

No models with this outlet.

Plug Face 6-20P

Rating: 230V — 20A

No models with this outlet.

Plug Face 6-30P

Rating: 230V — 30A

No models with this outlet.