One of the most innovative products of the year will be introduced in spring 2010 when Friedrich Air Conditioning’s new Kühl and Kühl+ premium room air conditioners begin appearing in major U.S. retailer showrooms.

Both Kühl (air conditioners) and Kühl+ (cool plus heat) feature a sleek, modern design that also sets the bar for creativity by offering inter-changeable front panels in six colors that are meant to stand out or blend in—your choice.

Currently the only U.S.-distributed room air conditioner to offer this option, Kühl is bound to become a favorite of interior designers and homeowners seeking an attractive alternative to the standard putty-color of most room AC units.

The product’s standard front panel is Satin Silver, but imaginations take flight with the possibility of panels available in Deep Red, Cobalt Blue, Pink Diamond, Classic Beige, Black Onyx and Designer White. And at only $49.99 each, consumers may wish to own more than one.

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, most Kühl products are ENERGY STAR-rated and all are in compliance with Europe’s tough RoHS provisions that restrict the use of hazardous materials in manufactured electronic and electric products.

Air conditioning is more often considered a necessity rather than a luxury. According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, consumers now consider home air conditioning their third most essential appliance – even topping the revered television set. Manufacturers, including 127-year- old Friedrich Air Conditioning, have responded to the increasing demand by offering a wide range of room air conditioning choices.

Comfort Plus a Bold New Look

Designed by Friedrich’s engineers and international firm Ziba Design, Kühl will be a contender in 2010 industrial design competitions. While Kühl’s outward appearance will turn heads, its rigorously tested materials and components bear testament to products that will deliver years of dependable operation. Consider the following:

  • This state-of-the-art product features commercial grade durability with a steel inner wall, rifled copper tubing and totally enclosed fan motors that seal out dirt, run cooler and last longer.
  • A built-in, seven-day programmable thermostat offers up to four setting changes per day, while a 24-hour timer, unique nightlight mode and electronic maintenance indicator all set Kühl apart from the competition.
  • Kühl works with wall thermostats, a feature that is similar to central air. Just set it and forget it — a feature found only in this line of products.
  • Kühl owners may alternately view room temperature, outdoor temperature, digital clock and set temperature as desired.
  • An auto re-start and memory backup saves settings and resumes full operation after power is interrupted.
  • Auto-changeover from cool to heat and heat to cool is offered on Kühl+ models.
  • Superior dual stage filtration option delivers a MERV 6 rating and is unique to Kühl. Kühl also has a washable, antimicrobial air filter with easy hinged door access and check filter reminders. This enhances protection against fungal and bacterial growth. All-in-all, Kühl is a true leader in air conditioning technology.

All the features in the world make little difference if a product is not reliable. Friedrich’s reputation for manufacturing some of the world’s best, most reliable products is reflected in customer testimonials, some with claims of their air conditioners still functioning after 40 years.

Easy Installation

Great design, energy efficiency and even ease of installation are hallmarks of the new Kühl line.

Kühl may be installed by skilled homeowners or installation professionals in a window or through the wall, according to manufacturer’s installation instructions. A slide-in/slide-out chassis and firm grip handles make installation and maintenance tasks easier.

With Kühl, consumers will be able to choose the right cooling capacity and the perfect color for their room or office, then simply relax.

Pricing on the Kühl products will be influenced by many variables including individual dealer pricing and capacity of the unit needed to cool or heat a designated space. However, it is expected that the price range will be between $969 and $2,149 (note: this is the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price and retail pricing will be lower).

Founded in 1883, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., a partner in the ENERGY STAR program, offers commercial-grade room air conditioners, single package vertical units, packaged terminal air conditioners, through-the-wall air conditioners, ductless split systems, portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

For more information on the full line of Friedrich Air Conditioning products, contact Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. at 1-800-541-6645. For online product information, appliance dealers, brochures, application ideas and installation or service manuals, visit the Friedrich website at www.friedrich.com.