Facility managers now have the ability to control energy consumption on a large scale even when dealing with individual room cooling units

The new 2012 Friedrich Kühl room air conditioner with optional Wi-Fi control is the first room cooling solution that can simplify building operations management and curtail energy consumption in dorms, apartments, commercial and industrial facilities.

“Kühl’s new wireless capabilities open up a whole new dimension of building energy management,” said Jane Deming, Marketing Manager for Friedrich. “Kühl is a game changer for the facility management industry.”

Facilities management personnel are now able to remotely control units including turning units on or off, adjusting set points, creating custom 7-day operating schedules and accessing operating data.

Additionally, 2012 Kühl units can be grouped and managed together for zone cooling or building-wide control. It eliminates energy waste conditioning unoccupied spaces and conserves expensive personnel resources since most unit control features can be handled remotely.

“The Kühl was developed with an open protocol design, offering connectivity to not only our own proprietary management programs, but also to other building management programs,” added Deming. This ability gives facility managers the option to control energy consumption on a large scale, even when dealing with individual room cooling units.

Kühl is the first Smart Grid enabled room air conditioner, which offers professionals additional ways to maximize energy control and savings. “Kühl is so technologically advanced, that the excitement surrounding it is palpable,” said Deming.

Kühl is a commercial grade product engineered for durability, quiet operation and energy efficiency. Kühl is constructed with robust materials like heavy-gauge galvanized steel, rifled copper tubing and high-tech aluminum fins. And, Friedrich engineers incorporate components, like fully enclosed fan motors that will extend the life of the air conditioner.

“Kühl was engineered for quiet operation,” explained Deming. “The air flow systems are tested for powerful and precise air distribution which means faster cooling when you need it most.”

Kühl’s superior filtration system absorbs odors and reduces ozone as well as other volatile organic compounds to achieve up to a MERV 6 effectiveness rating. EntryGardTM adds anti-intrusion protections and secures the unit to its sleeve.

To experience Kühl, go to Find Your Friedrich and find the model that best suits your needs.

FriedrichLink™ (coming summer 2012) is the online interface that allows control of the 2012 Kühl or Kühl+ units remotely using a computer, tablet or smartphone. FriedrichLink allows temperature adjustments, custom schedule creation, and utility function management. Requires FriedrichLink Adapter (optional accessory, sold separately; part number: KWIFI) or, use the adapter as a thumb drive to upload a customized schedule to one or many Kühl units.

Friedrich=Quality & Innovation—Friedrich has been in business since 1883 and is based in San Antonio, Texas. The company has a rich history that includes pioneering the first commercial refrigeration business. Friedrich began manufacturing room air conditioners in 1952.