Anti-corrosive Diamonblue Technology comes standard Diamonblue™ anticorrosive coating for metals is an advanced corrosion protection treatment that protects the outdoor coil and extends unit life, especially in harsh coastal environments.

A. Unit depth is 27 3/8 inches.

B. Depth of junction box to louvers is 6 inches.

C. Maximum wall depth of the thru-the-wall finished hole is 6 inches

Durable, Reliable and Safe

Robust engineering, commercial-grade components and extensive field testing show that Hazardgard provides the durability and safety required in hazardous locations. See the complete features list for details on what makes Hazardgard the best choice in tough operating environments.

Harsh Environments Demand Hazardgard

Hazardgard is ideal for:

  • Offshore oil rigs, onshore oil company offices and refineries
  • Petrochemical sites and propane fill-up stations
  • Paint and varnish storage or processing plants
  • Grain alcohol processors or storage sites
  • Munitions plants or armories
  • PVC or plastics plants and processing points
  • Recycling plants
  • Furniture refinishing/stripping workshops
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Office complexes where methane is a byproduct
  • Hazardous materials storage


Hazardgard can be installed in a window or thru-the-wall, provided the wall depth meets specifications. See the specifications by model for details.

Available in cooling-only models

  • Cooling from: 14500-19500 Btu including new 50 Hz model
  • Comfort and Durability

    • Solid-state control relays for compressor and fan operation
    • Hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor is cooled during the refrigeration cycle, which allows the unit to tolerate higher outdoor temperatures up to
      130˚ F
    • 20-gauge steel creates a more robust air conditioner cabinet that will withstand years of hard use
    • Permanent split capacitor
    • Hermetically sealed refrigeration system
    • Environmentally sealed on/off switch and gold-plated contacts in thermostat resist corrosion
    • Larger, commercial-grade, enclosed fan motor with hermetically sealed overload for arc-free operation. It’s totally enclosed to assure efficient operation under adverse electrical conditions.
    • Defrost control protects coil against freeze-up
    • Hot gas bypass allows the air conditioner to operate at outdoor ambient temperatures as low as 45° F without freezing
    • Diamonblue Technology anti-corrosive treatment provides added endurance and protection in coastal or corrosive environments
    • Unit utilizes direct-wired, 15-amp circuit with time-delay fuse that tolerates surge current without tripping the breaker
  • Sound-Reduction Technology

    • Steel inner wall blocks noise
    • Vibration-isolating design and components diminish operating sound levels
  • Maintenance and Installation

    • Slide-out chassis for more permanent installation and easier access for maintenance
    • Installs in a window or thru-the-wall
    • Same sleeve dimensions for 20+ years for easy replacement
  • Energy Management and Compliance

    • U.S. National Electrical Code, Article 500 Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C & D Hazardous locations
    • UL and cUL listed
    • AHAM rated
  • Safety and Security

    • Aluminum grille
    • Insect barrier
    • EntryGard anti-intrusion protection secures chassis to sleeve with steel retaining wire to deter kick-in intrusion
  • Health and IAQ

    • Washable, antimicrobial air filter